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Hamid Reza Khavarie

I am Frontend Developer

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Reactjs, NextJs

<b>Zoé</b> Miller
  • 5 +Years of Experience
  • 10Completed Projects
Front-end developer

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Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering in 2016. Since 2015, worked as a front-end developer and UI/UX designer, designing and implementing over 30 websites using HTML, CSS(SASS), Bootstrap, and jQuery. Since 2020, shifted focus to ES6 and upgraded stack to React and Next. Designed and developed 4 web apps using React, both on-site and remotely. Also familiar with MongoDB and Node.js. Skills
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My Strory

Professional Skills

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Solid understanding of semantic HTML, CSS3, SASS and fluent in UI Frameworks: Bootstrap, Tailwindcss and Material UI.

90 %

Reactjs is one of my favorite libraries for developing web apps. Every day, I am developing and learning React, Context API and Redux toolkit.

75 %

Solid understanding of JavaScript and ECMAscript syntax. I have used the jQuery library for adding interaction to web applications.

75 %

Solid understanding of Nextjs Framework, I have been using it for building full stack web app. Nextjs is almost my main framework nowadays.

75 %

Solid understanding of UI/UX principles and Fluent in Figma to design the HI-FI of mobile first web application UI.

90 %

Typescript, jQuery, Github, SEO, Headless CMS, graphQl, apollo client, CI/CD, API, moongoDB, MUI

70 %
Soft Skills

I am an excellent team player, hard-working and good at time management, problem-solving and creativity.

90 %


my Story
Front end Developer
Mar 2023 - present
  • Programmed 3 Full-stack App by NEXT Apps and gained experience with TypeScript.
  • Streamlined codebase by integrating Redux into two projects, optimizing state management and ensuring efficient data flow for enhanced performance and maintainability.
Front End Developer and UI/UX
Hummers Brokerage (hbc.ir)
Oct 2022 - Mar 2023
  • Designed and developed a user interface for 15 pages using Figma and accelerated development by 25% by utilizing Next and TailwindCSS.
  • Architected and implemented an efficient state management system using Context API, resulting in a 30% decrease in unnecessary re-renders and significantly improving app responsiveness and load times.
Front end developer and UI / UX Specialist
Ministry of Public works (pmis.mop.gov.af)
Jul 2018 - Jul 2021
  • Redesigned the PMIS Dashboard, executing high-fidelity designs for 30 pages utilizing Photoshop and Figma; led to a 25% decrease in user errors and a 40%increase in user satisfaction ratings.
  • Led the redesign of the user interface, incorporating user feedback and usability research, resulting in a 50% improvement in user satisfaction and a 30% increase in user engagement.
  • Produced and implemented real-world web pages using semantic HTML5, CSS3(SASS), Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery, integrated 15 pages with form validations resulting in an error reduction of 25% and improved user experience.
Web Design Instructor
Illia Academy
Oct 2021 - Feb 2022
  • Instructed web design for 2 program cycles at Ilia Academy, a non-profit academy, sponsored by DRC(Danish Refugee Council).
  • Mentored and guided 70 refugee students, equipping students with in-demand skills and professional development tools, resulting in 70% of participants securing employment within 3 months of program completion.
  • Taught HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap and principles of UI/UX to improve students web design abilities.
Web and Graphic Designer
Web solution company(Nivdata.com)
Jun 2014 - Apr 2018
  • Provided UI/UX for clients and startups using Photoshop and AdobeXD, resulting in at least 10 active and running websites.
  • Transformed UI designs to web pages using bootstrap, CSS3 (Less) and optimized to SEO.
  • Advised customers on optimizing website product visualization, resulting in a 25% increase in user engagement and a 15% boost in conversion rates through improved user flow and compelling visual design strategies.
Kharazmi University
Computer Science
2011 - 2015

Learn principle of Programming , C# , Javascript , Web Design and Development , Database

Reactjs and Nexjs
2021 - 2022

Comprehensive course in Reactjs and Redux

Javascript programming Bootcamp
2020 - 2021

Learn principle of JavaScript and ES6 standard

NICCO Academy
Adnaced Graphic Design UI/UX
2013 - 2013

Learned principles of Design , UI/UX and Photoshop , Adobe XD



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